Colloidal Silver Benefit

Colloidal Silver Benefit

Colloidal Silver Benefit

Colloidal silver benefit is described with 4000 years of history,

millions of testimonies, and hundreds of university and clinical studies. The results which confirm, viruses, molds, bacteria, and most pathogens are killed within minutes, “in vitro”.

Colloidal Silver Benefits

Colloidal Silver Benefit has been used to address infections due to yeast, viruses, fungi & bacteria

(tuberculosis, Lyme disease, bubonic plague, pneumonia, leprosy, gonorrhea, syphilis, scarlet fever, stomach ulcers, cholera); parasites (ringworm, malaria); and viruses (HIV/AIDS, pneumonia, herpes, shingles, warts).

buy colloidal silver NowColloidal silver was used as a prescription antibiotic until the discovery of penicillin. This is a “Freedom of Speech” post. No diagnosis, or treatment has been recommended or prescribed.

Many consider colloidal silver benefit as an antiseptic and not an antibiotic because it kills more than bacteria; it destroys viruses and eliminates fungal infections.

So far, bacteria that are resistant to silver haven’t developed, while colloidal silver can destroy antibiotic-resistant pathogens, even the dreaded SARS, MRSA, CRE, Acinetobacter, Klebsiella, and Staph.

As a matter of fact, now the medical mafia has been covertly adding colloidal silver into antibiotics to conquer the super-bug strains that have developed immunity to those antibiotics. I say covertly because they aren’t talking too much about it!

Keep in mind that while antibiotics don’t touch viruses and fungus’s, colloidal silver eliminates them – making colloidal silver benefits incredibly useful. It eliminates anaerobic pathogens by destroying the enzymes that fend off oxygen molecules, thus oxidizing them to death.

Colloidal Silver Benefits are sold as a dietary supplement for immune system support. Colloidal silver has been tested by Universities and Scientific laboratories worldwide. The studies found that this colloidal mineral will kill over 650 bacteria, fungus, viruses and molds in a petri dish in about 4 minutes or less. It must be noted that this laboratory test is undiluted colloidal silver. When your dietary supplement of colloidal silver is ingested, it is diluted with about 5 liters of blood.

This post is not saying what colloidal silver will do for a specific disease.
It is important to identify what causes the different maladies that the human is plagued with:
Virus caused:
• Swine Flu,
• Dengue Fever
• Rabies
• Small Pox
• Chikungunya Fever
• Bird Flu,
• Chickenpox.
• Flu (influenza)
• Herpes.
• Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV/AIDS)
• Human papillomavirus (HPV)
• Infectious mononucleosis.
• Mumps, measles and rubella.
• Shingles.
• myocarditis
• Viral gastroenteritis (stomach flu)
• Viral hepatitis
• Viral meningitis
• Viral pneumonia
• Parvovirus B19
• Human Herpes Virus 6
• Enterovirus (Coxsackie Virus)
• Zika
• Ebola

Bacteria caused;
Super Bugs
• Carbapenem-Resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CRE
• Clostridium difficile (C. diff)
• Acinetobacter baumannii
• Klebsiella pneumoniae
• Escherichia coli food poisoning
• Salmonella food poisoning
• Helicobacter pylori cause gastritis and ulcers
• Neisseria gonorrhoeae causes the sexually transmitted disease gonorrhea
• Neisseria meningitidis causes meningitis.
• Staphylococcus aureus causes a variety of infections in the body, including boils, cellulitis, abscesses, wound infections, toxic shock syndrome, pneumonia, and food poisoning.
• Streptococcal bacteria cause a variety of infections in the body, including pneumonia, meningitis, ear infections, and strep throat.
• Urinary tract infection
• Pelvic inflammatory disease
• Dysentery
• Diphtheria
• Tuberculosis
• Toxic shock syndrome
• Cholera
• Chlamydia infection
• Botulism
• Syphilis
• Staphylococcal infection
• Lyme disease
• Scarlet fever
• Legionnaires’ disease
• Anthrax

• Athlete’s foot
• Nail Fungus
• Candida
• Yeast Infection
• Thrush

colloidal silver benefit

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