Colloidal Silver Benefit

Colloidal Silver Benefit

Colloidal Minerals Defined

Colloidal minerals are the essence of the 45 essential trace minerals that are required for a healthy body. To understand what colloidal minerals are and where do they come from, we must first see how and in what forms these minerals are accepted by the human body. Basically minerals are divided into three different forms. This division is based on the rate of absorption of these colloidal minerals by the human body. Here, when we talk of absorption we mean absorption at the cellular colloidal silver Now If absorption is not achieved, colloidal minerals are of no help to the body. We must also remember that the rate of absorption of colloidal minerals decreases in humans as we age. The three forms of minerals are—-colloidal silver use

  • 1. Metallic minerals: The first form is the metallic mineral. This is the form in which the minerals are commonly found. This form is least absorbable by the body. The metallic minerals posses a positive electric charge. As an example of this we may take iron oxide which is how the metallic mineral iron occurs in nature. Metallic minerals are 10 to 12 % absorbable or bioavailable to the human body at the cellular level. They are the most common form of minerals found in multivitamin and mineral supplements.
  • 2. Chelated minerals: The next known form of minerals is of the type chelated. Our bodies are not designed to use metallic minerals or assimilate and absorb them. Once the health food industry recognized the metallic mineral absorption problem in the mid 70s, chelated minerals were developed in the laboratory. This process involved wrapping certain enzymes such as amino acids or protein around metallic minerals to help the body metabolize them. In this way it becomes four times more bioavailable or 40% than the raw metallic mineral.
  • 3. Colloidal minerals: these are the next form of minerals. In nature colloidal minerals are obtained from plants. Plants in turn obtain them from the soil into which they are planted and transform them into organic forms. This is achieved by the process of photosynthesis whereby the raw minerals are broken down into a very fine form making them 90% absorbable. This form is called colloidal minerals form. It is well documented that our farm soils have leached away their colloidal minerals making the soils devoid of colloidal minerals and “sick”. This sick land grows sick plants (mineral deficient) which makes animals sick and humans sick that eat the animals.

Colloidal silver is one of the essential trace colloidal minerals needed for a healthy body. Colloidal silver is one of the most important of these trace colloidal minerals because it gives the immune system the greatest support to ward off disease and infections. Colloidal silver benefits the body naturally in its support of the immune system. Colloidal silver benefits can be realized, when it is taken as a supplement.
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