Colloidal Silver Benefit

Colloidal Silver Benefit

Flu Shot or Not

Find out How to Dodge the Flu Without a Shot,

the No shot Flu Remedy and answer the age old question, Flu Shot or Not? Top 5 Natural Flu Remedies revealed.
Every year the flu season arrives like a blanket spread across the nation. The flu shot that was engineered for a virus 2 years ago is metered out with little or adverse results. This happens because viruses mutate every 17 days and the vaccine built 2 years ago now has many generations of virus that are resistant to the old batch of flu shots that are given this year. This article originally posted 1-15-17 here.

The # 1 flu, influenza remedy. Time tested for over 115 years and the flu virus does not build up an immunity to it.

Here is a 2 min video that helps explain colloidal silver.

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There are only two methods of commercial production of colloidal silver. We offer both methods of colloidal Silver.
Mild Protein (oldest form 115 yrs + most tested)
High Voltage (newest process, about 25 years old)

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