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Colloidal Silver Benefit

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Colloidal Silver Benefits

Friday, March 13th, 2015

Colloidal Silver Benefits were the only known effects of a natural antibiotic until penicillin was discovered circa. 1929.

 colloidal silver benefits
Colloidal Silver kills these pathogens:
• Viruses, bacteria, molds, yeast & microbes
• Colloidal Silver Benefits date back thousands of years.
• There are over 650 diseases, virus, bacteria, & yeast are known to be killed by Colloidal Silver
Colloidal Silver Benefits are Immune System Support against Viruses, Bacteria, Parasites, Yeast and mold infection.

A list from the Internet, claims hundreds of colloidal silver benefits: from bacteria inhibitor, in military clothing, medical bandages, “band aids” refrigerator & laundry washing machines, to plastic food storage containers (Wall Street Journal 6-6-2006, “War Against Germs Has Silver Lining”)

Burn Hospitals (use silver baths) and new infant (eye care) hospitals use Colloidal Silver to Prevent infection and disease. (The infant’s eyes are immediately washed with silver to kill any venereal disease the mother might have at birth.) Hospitals use bandages impregnated with colloidal silver for wound care (manufactured by Curad™).

Measles, Ebola, SUPERBUGS, Viruses, CRE, ESBL, MRSA, SARS, VRSA, VRE, staph infections, (Staphylococci, Streptococci, have NOT built up a resistance to colloidal silver as penicillin has. Colloidal silver kills the virus so it does not have a chance to mutate and become resistant. The medical industry is now contemplating the regulation of colloidal silver again because it is so effective against these out of control viruses that have a resistance to penicillin.

Influenza, bird flu, swine flu, pneumonia, colds & sinus infection kill more people in the US than all automobile accidents every year.

Colloidal Silver is only being sold as a dietary supplement. Colloidal Silver was a prescription drug until pre-1938. Colloidal silver is now non prescription and sold over the counter as a dietary supplement.

This information is not intended to prescribe, treat or diagnose. This is not a “medical claim“ but is only a partial list of testimonials gleaned from history, medical journals, and the Internet.
The Best place to buy Colloidal Silver is from a company that offers a satisfaction guarantee.

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